A global ecosystem for carbon

transparent • trusted • traceable

We trace carbon back to its roots

Our unique proprietary technology records carbon captured at source, then tracks it across its complete lifecycle all the way through to retirement, ensuring accurate additionally and eliminating double spend errors.

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We have established partnerships with likeminded and aligned groups and organisations who have roles within the global carbon ecosystem - these include, carbon projects and other producers of verified carbon offsets, purchasers of carbon offsets, trading markets as well as certification and regulatory bodies.

Powerful decentralised tracking and tracing in realtime

Trace back to the exact time and source of the value stored against any verified carbon offset. Our ability to pin information, securely and accurately to each carbon offset at any point in time with immutability offers an unparalleled level of audibility, accountability and reporting that doesn't currently exist within the  carbon offset markets.

Carbon is tracked across the ecosystem, end-to-end, from source, through the whole lifecycle, including the downstream supplychain, ensuring confidence, accuracy and integrity. Participants in our ecosystem can realise a new level of assurance and attain unprecedented quality guaurantees.

Offset management, insight and reporting for business

Understand, monitor and respond to carbon debt across your organisation with our decentralised platform. A direct connection to our ecosystem enables you to forecast and automate based on your requirements and ongoing offset demand, supporting your journey to becoming climate positive.